Thursday, 21 May 2015

Throwback Thursday when progress is everything...

I did this piece on the right, in September 2012.
It was my first piece under Misty's teachings (OpenStudio) and I did it right before I left for Italy to paint with her in person.  It was 100% Misty inspired.  I knew going to Italy to paint in her class was far reaching for where I was at.  So I was desperate to do something that would make me feel less out of my depths.  I'm not sure if it helped.  I knew all the way I was out of my depths.
When I got back from Italy I did all the thousand dots.
I originally painted her on stretch canvas that I had stuck patterned scrapping paper on.
I have loved this piece.  And I vowed never to change her.
Because she was the start of something... a wonderful journey.

But last night I did.  I just knew it was time.
Digz said - "hey, you are changing history".
But I have the prints, images and memories of my journey.
In truth she has been calling me for a while... and I guess the time was just right.
Her tiny mouth and nose, too thin neck and no shoulders needed to change.

The more I worked on her, the more the paper bothered me and it created a bubble, which I started to pull at and before I knew it I had lifted off all the paper and my new over painting.
I kept redrawing her so I would loose her completely.
It ended up being a massive undertaking, right down to using sandpaper.
In essence...  I have now painted her 3 times.

I always loved her.  She was sweet.
To me she's moved from whimsical girl to beautiful woman.
Which I absolutely adore.

I love her new delicate lace around her face,

It is a pattern I copied from the last piece of lace I had left from my gran.
This is where I left her last night.
Not sure how to end her...

When I had some studio time this morning... I decided to do dots/dashes down and across, as opposed to around this time.
And it just totally finished off this piece.  I'm beyond thrilled with her.
In 2012 I called this piece Misty.
And to me, although she's changed so much - she's still very much My Misty piece.

I am so grateful for change, for growth and for progress.
I hope this is something I never stop doing or stop seeking out.

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