Sunday, 24 May 2015


Saturday mornings at home has become sacred ground for me.

I can understand why in some religions, it's the Sabbath.
To wake up to quiet, no rushing out the door with my hair on fire, is honestly spiritual for me.
The girls tend to sleep late if they aren't riding.

I even think my Saturday routine has become a sacred ritualistic act of taking stock of each moment... as I slip into my warm gown, pad through the dark, silent house, make my coffee and sit in my sweet studio to have a quiet time and do my morning pages and quite honestly pull my soul towards myself.

Sometimes I get to paint before the household is up.
Every now and again I get a studio buddy who comes to sit by me as I write.
It's winter now and the mornings are cold.  In many regards I love winter because of this.
The girls always have winter exams that stretch across 3 weeks - which means we are housebound most weekends for about 6 weeks.  Which is pretty perfect for winter.
And for a true blue introvert like me - it's heaven.

We tend to hibernate.  And be home bodies.
We have slower days and longer hours in front of the fire.

Early Saturday morning paintings for my #1faceaday.
Quick and fast warming up exercises but it felt good.
Just what I needed.

The weeks are full on.
But I steal moments here and there to be still.
I don't often get patterns in my Soya Latte's, so to find love here today was a treat.

I've been spending a bit of time and money, getting some of my collections framed up.
It's expensive in these parts, so it's a slow process.
I'm stoked with my Renee and Misty pieces.
Let the journey continue...

I started this weeks ago.
It's based on a tiny card I did for #1FaceaDay project.
23"x33" stretched canvas.  I couldn't resist doing it big.
I love this piece so much...

The tenderness and connectivity that they share, speaks straight to my heart.
It's the same connectivity I share with my girls.
They are always pressing their sweet faces on mine, always coming in for the embrace.
It's truly such a blessing in my life to have so much tender love.

I'm happy to say I'm finished this piece.
I'm hoping they will go to a beautiful new home.
But for now I get to enjoy them.

I love this cut image - I will have cards printed like this.

Digz said "hey - you look so adorable, can I take a picture?"
And I love the serenity and mood he captured here.

I sat lounging #InMyStudio...
listening to the beautifully haunting classical music of Ruth Fazal.
Staring at these 3 girls, feeling exhaustingly satisfied and contemplating how to move forward.
I don't often have a clear schedule or easel.

A few months ago I made the decision to cut back on my working hours so I could focus more time #InMyStudio but more importantly to spend more time in my virtual classrooms.  If I want to improve - I have to do the work and have to learn.
I have many unfinished classes to work through.
To say I'm a tad bit overwhelmed by how much I've signed up for and not completed, is an understatement.
I don't like being that person.

It's one thing making the decision to cut back but walking that out, takes time, like all things.
Finding my replacement has taken a while.  That together with manic work deadlines.
I feel for the first time this year, I'm on top of my work work.
I thought the notion would leave me excited and energised.
But in all honesty it's left me a little depleted and a little lost.
I know I will get on top of it and get into a new routine and rhythm.
I'm beside myself for the extra time I will get.
Exciting times.... ahead.


  1. i love the sound of your saturday winter mornings and i love the sound of spending more time in the studio and you do look adorable! Loved catching up on all your posts! big love my friend <3

    1. thank you my sweet friend. I love catching up on yours too.... Much love <3