Sunday, 19 January 2014

#InMyStudio... Entwined, Klimt, StudyingUnderTheMasters and getting ready for FullCircle

I took this week off to help the girls get ready for school and also to schedule some much needed {quiet time} and forced rest.  My mojo is still quite low and I'm not sure why.  I wake up and do some stuff and an hour later, I feel a nap coming on.  On the most part, I'm just going with it.  But my low mojo has been affecting my creative mojo too.  I've hardly done anything since November.  For whatever reason, I obviously just need the down time! 
My new courses are starting and with my creativity taking a bit of a sabbatical, I have been nervous my heart won't be ready for class, albeit exciting.  Needless to say my first class... Studying Under the Masters - week 1 commenced this week and I'm happy to say I've watched all my tutorials.  And it was just beautiful!  We studied Matisse and I loved all the history to bits!  However, I haven't had enough mojo to do my homework yet.  But my pattern cards are ready to start doing some in my spare time next week when I'm waiting in the parking lot at extra murals!  And tomorrow FullCircle starts, with Misty!  My studio is all clean and sorted to begin!  I know I won't rush into homework either but I will make sure my tuts are done!  The classes are jammed with video tutorials and all of that takes time... thank goodness for iPads for the stolen moments on the road and in the parking lot... my creative bags are ready for the week.

Entwined - 18"x24" on Canvas Board
 I've been a little reluctant to share this piece completely because it's been quite a journey and perhaps an annoying journey for me... it has taken me months to finish her.  Literally!
I'm still not sure how I feel about this piece!  I struggled with her right from the beginning!
And I guess in many ways we are still struggling with each other... 
That being said... I've decided to call her a day!

I've called her "Entwined" because of the vine that's creeping up her and wrapping itself around her neck!  That and because we seem to also be so entwined, at this stage.  While I was painting her someone asked if it was a self-portrait!  And I guess in many ways it could have been... I can get annoyed that I sometimes come out of my paintbrush.

I love painting big but without a full plan, covering a large canvas can be daunting!  And half way through I got stuck... I wasn't sure how on earth I was going to finish her.
I decided to add some ephemera to see what unfolded, and the vine was tame at her side which I just loved but I felt like it needed to do more... each time at I looked at her perfectness...the more I wanted to strangle the "perfectness" right out of this piece, maybe even her... So I took my Stabilo watercolor red and carried on the vine.  After all, I had nothing to loose.
It's a place that I have to constantly challenge myself... to go deeper, to be a little unsafe and more out of my comfort zones.  It doesn't have to be perfect!
We are now more able to look at each other... she brought out lots of emotions for me!
Lots of which I wrote about in my morning pages!
I guess that's what I love about painting... it isn't always just about pretty pictures... it's about the journey, the dialogue, the sometimes crazy tear up the piece moments, the pushing through and the hard work... even when it's fighting back!

Here is a link to see the progress through this piece.

The other day I found two mugs with Klimt paintings on, which I got for my parents for Christmas.  I totally fell in love with the mug with this image on.  It's a tiny bone china mug and to expanding the image to this size canvas wasn't easy... and the image on the mug isn't completely true to Klimt's original piece either.  I also do believe I have the image reversed because it's how it is on that side of the mug.

I have about 5 big blank canvas' on my easel at the moment, because I want to paint large this year.  It's still my first love to paint big because it's the way I first learnt to paint.  I started this piece in the week and it completely overwhelmed me into avoidance.  Not sure if it was the sheer size of it or all the Klimt detail.  That coupled with my still pretty low mojo - I was left with no desire to paint at all... I never feel like that and I have to say I'm not liking my lethargicness at the moment.

Sooooo I just started adding gold paint and tiny details today to see what would happen... which lead me to continue painting and at last... it just started to flow right out of my brush!!  It was just what the doctor ordered.  Before I knew it poppies popped up on the side and I've now changed all my circles to poppies... I'll continue some of the Klimt gold details but at this stage not sure where we will go together... but so far I'm just loving the joy I'm feeling again with having my paintbrush in my hand but more so just enjoying having the desire back to paint.

I'll keep you posted as this interesting piece unfolds.
But for now... the sleepiness is overtaking me so I'm off to bed!
Sleep tight!


  1. I love that you paint on the floor. It seems so liberating!

    The great thing about these courses is that they're accessible for a long time. I'm so pleased we have Studying Under the Masters for 2 years because I really want to do more than scratch the surface with each artist we study. Take care of yourself, Flowrs, rest, then create at your own pace <3

    1. you are so right Jay - we don't have to rush ourselves hey! I've asked my daughter to get some library books for me from school - so I can do a bit of studying of each artist too. I am surprised how much I'm loving the history! It makes me feel like we get to know the masters and get closer to them! Thanks for the encouragement. <3

  2. What a beautiful post. I LOVE your art, so much feeling and beauty in every piece. I hope your energy returns as you show up every day, hang in there. I will look forward to seeing more of your gifts as you trust and paint. Enjoy the day my friend.

    1. Thanks sweet Beth. Thanks for your encouraging words. <3<3 I love your beautiful art too. And looking so forward to hanging in the class together!

  3. lovely girl, what a beautiful post! i think we all get stuck and the only way to get unstuck is to paint. it always comes back if you just start painting. hope your energy returns soon, nothing worse than being tired all the time. i love what you did with the flowers around her neck. it is a self portrait and i think most of us someone paint our nature into our creations!! much love & light to you. kelly b

    1. I think you are right! Sometimes its just about diving in... even if the heart is resisting. Thank you for your beautiful words. Most people say they see me or my girls in my pieces... I'm always surprised by that fact. Much love sweet lady! <3

  4. Oh I love both of these pieces! And I love that you take your time with the gives me permission to do the same.

    1. Thank you so much my friend... yes I say let's work through slowly and systematically! And enjoy it all!

  5. ok, decision made. this one with the blue in the top left corner. be sure to invoice me enough for the shipping to california, usa zip 93012. now i will have a jenny wentworth and one of yours. and i have a ton of cathy cullis, my favorite artist. so the hoyse will be filled with kindred spirits. love to you and yours.

    1. ahhh this is so exciting. I'm so thrilled. I have emailed you! Thank you so much for you support and taking the time to read my blogs.

      You have no idea how much that means to me.