Monday, 6 January 2014

#InMyStudio - a little field trip...

So I've been trying to get to this little hidden treasure all year... And finally on Thursday, my last official day of holiday (at home)... I made it happen...

I found out about Irma Stern via my Diary of Faces online course - it's Week 7 tutorial and homework... after some research... I discovered that Irma Stern was a Cape Town based artist and her old house and now, museum is literally right up the road from my house.  Some of her portraits have reached up to $2 Million.
My sweet family insisted on coming with me... and it was just so precious, sweet and such a wonderful treat!
I plan to go back for sure!!!

 She does a variety of different works but her portraits were my favourite, for sure!
These ones captivated me.  And I absolutely love that she painted big!

I was completely inspired.


  1. I'm so thrilled that you went to see this. And a bit jealous too. I don't remember seeing any of these and I agree with you. They are now my favorite too. I especially love the bottom right and top right.

    1. Mine too Sharon - those two are also my favs. I so wish you could have come with me. You would have loved her amazing house and gardens too!