Saturday, 11 January 2014

#InMyStudio - my first painting for the year...

After a really hectic December working and with a hectic festive season, my creative mojo and just my mojo in general has been at an all time low. And starting the week off with some hectic deadlines - hasn't helped with my already low mojo.  I have some quiet moments coming up... so I guess I've been doing somethings to get my head and space ready for some creative time... 

I started off by sorting out my studio and cleaning up my creative space and setting up a beautiful visual board of little images I've been sent through the past year.  I'm all ready for my new upcoming courses... starting to get excited!

"I'll walk you to the moon" - 18"x24" on Canvas Board

 So this piece on the left I did months ago.  I loved the chickens down the side but that was about it really!
So a while back I completely gessoed over most of it!  With my low mojo - I wasn't sure I would have the capacity to save it or fix it.  I almost abandoned the idea completely.
Eventually, I casually charcoaled in some faces and in the right face... I saw something that made me feel hopeful... I guess that's all I needed to get me going again... a spot of hope!

And finally on Friday, I started painting again!
I was beginning to feel I may not be able to paint again... it had been a bit long!
I'm so thrilled with this complete transformation!
It's dreamy and gentle and I love that... I am loving their togetherness!
I've called this "I'll walk you to the moon".
It was a great place to start for my first painting of the year...
I'm starting to feel excited for my creative journey for 2014!

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  1. i so want to buy one of your paintings for the new house. i love the one on the right but my true favorite is your latest with the vine and blue and white in the upper left hand corner. think about it and let me know Ok?