Monday, 3 March 2014

#InMyStudio... A beautiful creative weekend! Long overdue!

I saw the clinic sister this week because I've still been struggling with exhaustion!  She's finally got me on a Vit B jab schedule and put me on an extra iron rich supplements.  I have low iron absorption which has been a long struggle, something that I inherited from the women in our family!  But within 24 hours I started feeling better.  And by Friday I was already enjoying much more energy! Yay, happy dancing over here!  We had absolutely nothing planned this weekend, besides catching up with some chores and some decluttering... But other than that, we had planned a very quiet and slow weekend at home!                                                                                                                                            On Friday afternoon, I finally finished my Mandala Assignment Painting.  It felt good to finish something.  In fact, it was just good to be painting!  I knew from the beginning I wanted my mandala to include a girl!  I need to work more on doing fun mandalas, just in general.

I woke up to do my morning pages - I love gentle Saturdays!
Haven't had a quiet Saturday #InMyStudio for a while!
I have had this massive canvas #InMyStudio for a while and it's been gently calling me!
I got the idea while I was writing my morning pages,
to do our spontaneous Sunflowr painting assignment on this big canvas!
I loved the homework assignment so much, it really touched me!
This will the 3rd painting I've done on this canvas!
I think because it's so big I never finish it!  It's a massive undertaking!
I'm hoping because this painting is free and spontaneous it will go quickly and I might actually finish it!
Corks got these captures of me!
A perfect Saturday!  More #wip pics to follow!

 My beautiful Explosion DreamBox is finished and ready to fill with my dreams!
That used to be a foreign concept to me but seeing dreams come true - has been such a gift to me!
So in a nutshell - I'm huge on Dreams!  Maybe that's why I loved this assignment so much!
My girls love my box so much, they have begged me to make them each one!  Which, I will, of course do!

One of this weeks assignment was also to create and edit and small video clip with iPhotography.
I used Vintagio!  I combined this homework with my DreamBox, I think I might be a little addicted.
It's a precious way to tell stories this way!  See below!

I found some LED lights when I was decluttering and now my lantern is all lit up!
I just love this light catching my little sculpture!!

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