Saturday, 12 April 2014

#InMyStudio - a walk through creating a mixed-media Icon

I spent about 2-3 weeks searching for embellishments to use on this 3D mixed media Icon Homework Assignment.
I wasn't too lucky finding things - so I decided to use paper clay to create some of my own.
I made my halo and other discs and created some hearts!  I actually loved making everything from scratch.
When I was out and about, I found more small things... like ribbon, lace etc.
I couldn't find a place that was easy to get to, to get pieces of wood.  It will have to be an outing!
So I used a canvas board, which I prepped with Modelling paste.
Playing with my design - I love the way paper clay dries.

Last night I finally got a chance to play!! My canvas had been ready all week.
I watched Misty's tutorial a good few times and followed my teacher.
She's incredible!
Following a tutorial really does help you learn and grow!
Once I got the gist - I was able to start moving in my own style and direction!
I am so grateful for these lessons - I'm learning so much!!!
I am loving learning so many different aspects to the creativity of being an all rounded artist as opposed to just one facet of it!  I'm kind of blown away about that!  And it's new ground for me!!
And I like it.  A lot!

Starting to paint her.
I felt nervous!  Her face was so tiny I had to use a 00 brush!
But when she started to appear - I felt encouraged!

So thrilled with her.  She feels like a promise to me... a promise of September!

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