Wednesday, 2 April 2014

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I'm happy to say I'm up to date with my work work.
Which has left me with more time to be #InMyStudio and catch up with some homework... 
I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed because I haven't been getting to my homework and sometimes that can silence me into total paralysis and complete avoidance.
To me, the challenge is just showing up!
The past few days, I've managed to show up everyday!

A while back I made some paper clay items (homework).
I found it extremely difficult and I wasn't overly impressed with myself.
So I put them aside but this week I painted them and I'm totally loving the finished product!

How cute is that figurine painted - my girls love her so much.
They have asked me to make them each one.
#FolkArt Clay pieces

#FolkArt PaperClay Bell

My Studio was topsy turvy all weekend because we were painting my studio workstation.
So I only managed to do one small painting.  I have to catch up on some painting,
the values lessons and portraiture.  Can't wait to get there.

I loved the Icon Painting homework so much but I've found it hard to get the supplies I needed for this assignment.  Finding the right embellishments has been tough and even finding the right wooden board.
So I resorted to making some of my own pieces for this assignment!
Can't wait to put this piece and painting together!
Last night I meant to paint my last 4 Sunflowrs on the #BigCanvas but skirted that
{like I usually do before I end a piece}...
so ended up putting my #SelfContained homework book together!
Now I just have to find a time capsule box for it.
I will share more of this #artjournal shortly.
I want to do more of these books as part of creative play and searching.
Out of these wonderful books come new ideas for bigger paintings - creative play def leads to great imagination and ideas!

Each page has a prompt to trigger spreads and art pages - 
I love...
I remember...
I see...
I am...

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