Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Time out and creative play with a difference...

It was wonderful to put everything down this long weekend to getaway.  From work, the studio, technology, school and routines.  The weather was perfect - not too hot or cold and our surrounds... so beautiful and so creative.  It's amazing when you don't have props (like art supplies) and wifi - you see the creative in everything and in normal things around you.  Even in your coffee cup...  It also allowed us to play creatively with our iphotography and with this landscape and lighting - it was a canvas with a difference.  I love seeing the girls on our trips away - they change a little, grow, connect deeply and come alive!  It's so good for them and for us to take these moments away!

We didn't drive all weekend - and we walked everywhere we went!
It was such a treat to really shut down the noise and switch off!

Lost in time
 A beautiful interruption in life to be quiet and gentle with time. 
Creative play with a difference...
I did take some needlework with me this weekend - as I was working on a project... I have never done this kind of work before so I was completely out of my comfort zones.  I had no fabrics so I had to go out and buy some cottons and linens and lace.  This little piece was inspired by a new online friend I've made this year Constanza Berger.  Her needlework is out of this world.  I ordered a beautiful pinnie from her Etsy Shop and I can't wait for it to arrive so I can see her exquisite handiwork in person.  Constanza bought one of my pieces this year and it's how we became friends and we are in some of the same art classes too.  She's uber creative.  Her medium is needlework (her words) but I think she's incredible with everything she puts her hand to.  I am so grateful that we can learn from each other in our different mediums.  And I'm definitely learning that creativity isn't only in one place (like painting) but it's inside of us, deep inside and that it comes out of our hands, from our hearts!  And it's to live it daily not only in the form of homework but as a way of life.

So the theme for this piece was using neutral colors which was a bit tough for me (although I love neutral colors) I love the brights too and I wanted to include a little ethnic fabrics in here, pieces of Africa - so the red and blue pockets are the ethnic pieces I could include without impacting too much on the neutral theme.


  1. You are so beautiful all around! Your family, the way you see life, your inner beauty and ofcourse your amazing paintings of which i now own two. I love to surround myself and fill our home with the energy of people that, to me, set an example of what life is all about and you are way up there on the list. I am so touched that my fabric dresses made you take out your threads and needles....sewing is such an important part of a womans life. You will find yourself coming back to it when you need a break from the intensity of painting. It is a gentle art.
    Sending you and the girls midnight blessings.

    1. thank you for your beautiful words but most of all thank you for your kindness and support. I will email you directly on FB too but I wanted to let you know that my exquisite dress arrived today and it's a perfect fit! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It's a remarkable piece that I will cherish for always!

      PS. you are right about that - I've decided to start a little journey of quilting and making myself a hand made quilt and maybe if it goes well - I will do the same for my girls... a heirloom. It is a huge part of a woman's life.

      Sending love