Friday, 8 August 2014

A beautiful ArtWalkAbout - through the beautiful city streets

Every 1st Thursday of the month - CapeTown has a ArtWalkAbout.
All the Galleries stay open late and you can wander through the beautiful city at night admiring local talent and can meet some of the artists too.  Some galleries offer wine and snacks too.  It's rather special.  There are too many to see in one night but it might be a wonderful thing to do once a month for the next while... I'm so in.

We discovered this incredible wall art and it was definitely love at first sight.
I love the neutral tones and obviously the subject matter too... but the sheer size of this piece - well I just hope that one day I can paint something this big and this beautiful.
It was such a highlight of my night... even though on the way up to the painting I took quite a bad fall and pulled a little muscle in my stomach, bruised my hip and hurt my hand.
I'm pretty stiff and tight today - but all I can say is that it was worth it!

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