Saturday, 23 August 2014

Crazy beautiful week... and we have another one coming....

Its been a crazy week... and it felt emotionally charged. Corks had her school dance this weekend and we still had much to do... putting up hems, shoes, lifts etc.  It came together beautiful and she looked incredible.  But what an affair... I have done it two years in a row now and I have Kitty's coming up at the end of the year - I might need a Valium.  I am not sure how to be a mom to teenager girls but I'm learning as I go... and fast.  I listen to parenting books while I'm driving, working and painting - I need all the help I can get.  Sometimes I get it completely wrong and sometimes I get it completely right... these are challenging times we are currently living in.  I can hear you saying - every generation's mother of teens say the same thing... but I do feel ours is seriously more compounded because of the information age and social media that has hit hard and fast.  And it has seriously changed the game.  And although there are now books on the subject - it's mostly new materials and we are still discovering the affects of how this has changed the game.  Raising beautiful girls (from the inside out) in this era with values, morals and dignity... not easy.  Helping them choose people in their lives with the same values - equally as challenging.  So grateful for this slow quiet Sunday morning today... I need it.

I thought I finished this piece a week or so ago but she just didn't feel right and I felt I had gone backwards... back to playing it safe (maybe still a default setting).  But she's been calling me back all week to go a little deeper together... and I'm so glad I have.... I've changed her completely.  I'm not ready for her to be over and hope to spend much more time with her - she feels special to me and I don't want to be flippant with this piece.

I have been stealing gaps on this piece all week - my workload was insane so stealing any studio time has been a bonus... I had a gap one afternoon and I just  got to play a bit.  They are of course no where near done and I'm enjoying going deeper in certain areas.  I can't seem to get a clear shot of the picture because of the size of this piece and I know no picture so far does it justice... but hopefully one will come.
I am, on the side lines doing a study on hands because I want those hands to really work.
I know this picture doesn't capture it but this piece feels so powerful in real life.  Sometimes I'm finding myself just standing in front of it and staring at it.... maybe it's because their chests are so big - I love that - it feels symbolic of womanhood or maybe it's motherhood.  Big chests, big capacity and big hearts.  So far just loving the journey.

I love that we have destiny over this... I am hoping to instill this in my girls!
That by their choices, behavior and attitude they choose their beauty from the inside out - because to me actions trump words every time.

I couldn't sleep Friday night so I got to creative play with a difference.


  1. Your work seem to be getting deeper and deeper and it is wonderful to witness. these two paintings and your photograph give me a sense of a tenderhearted warrior women, i can only imagine you are sharing that gentle power with your daughters, a wonderful gift! xxx

    1. Wow thank you Annie and thank you for your email and referring me to that read. Sometimes I feel like time in my studio is on borrowed time but whatever it is or when it is - it's so precious to me and I love every moment I get and I'm so grateful for it! Much love and looking so forward to studio time with you!