Sunday, 10 August 2014

#InMyStudio - time in the seat...

This is a new piece I'm working on and I'm totally in love with it already.  I wanted to work on my textured backgrounds today.  I have only done one from FullCircleWorkshop and I loved the result...  Lately I've been working on some offcuts of old paintings and working on an existing background is rather pleasing.  I want to experiment with this more.  I had an idea about the flowers from my last painting (I used that lacy flowr in the dreamcatcher) and I knew I wanted to use it again on a dress and so far - I'm loving where this is going.  Doing a painting from the background forward... feels less pressurised and I have to say a rather enjoyable process.

I've been slowly collecting hand carved Indian wooden stamps and I can't tell you how stoked I am to find one this size... happy dance going on over here.  I plan to take a little train trip down the coast to go get some more... I found a shop that has a whole bunch... can't wait to play with my stamps!

I've been too busy and exhausted to do anything this past week and this piece had stumped me.   It's a big canvas and I wasn't enjoying where it was going.  I tend to paint more seriously and the piece just felt too whimsical for me... so I kept going back to change it.   I didn't do anything on Friday and the whole of Saturday until late - and then I started pulling back, covering and using lots of gesso... (thank goodness for my beloved gesso) but I feel I'm finally happier with her.  I loved her face and still do.  She feels a bit old fashioned.  But for now... I'm happy to be moving on.

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