Wednesday, 27 August 2014

#InMyStudio - well actually in bed...

With my days merging into each other... I just felt a bit desperate to do something quick, easy, loose and fun!  No draw ups I just started with a smudge...

I got home late last night so I crept into bed with my stabilo-all-marks pencil and gesso and just started playing.  I'm learning more and more about using this incredible little pencil!  This has been part of my homework on various courses... but for some or other reason I have never done it.  I'm kind of wondering why because it's so lovely and the stabilo is great to use for tonal studies.  I plan to play some more with this technique this week... I am not finished with this bigger piece - her lines are hard and I've been doing work to soften my lines and make my paintings less stylized.


  1. Gorgeous..... she has such strength in her beautiful face..... I love the stabilo all marks too and just love how you have blended it with the gesso X

    1. Thank you Jenny - I really loved this exercise. <3 Glad you love the all marks too - plan to play some more.