Saturday, 9 August 2014

Life in General... rather hectic....

It's August and all I can say is it feels like November.  My toughest month of the year... I'm exhausted and I can't afford to be this tired yet.  I still have so much to get through and to do before November.  My weeks are merging into each other and every time I take note of the date - 10 days have past... literally.  This week, I have one month to go until I leave for Italy.  Because our schedules are so hectic we are forcing quiet moments and are stealing moments to connect... early morning coffee dates and no tv 
but quiet evenings together around the table!

I turned around today and spotted my angels sitting together like this... my heart almost burst.  I love it when they are loving each other spontaneously.  They seem to be getting closer with age.  The other shift I'm seeing is that they seem to be finding ways to connect regardless of us.  Today Corks was tutoring Kitty with her Maths - hmmm let me think about that... YESSSSS please and thank you!  Other ways they are connecting at the moment is on their bikes.  Digz has been taking them out on Sundays and it's their father daughter time... and they are raving!  Corks is riding my bike and Kitty got her bike about two weeks ago and they are having a ball in the forest!  So stoked about this new development!!!  I love that we all exercise together!  To me it's a form of playing together.  A family that raves together - stays together.

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