Sunday, 28 December 2014

18 years...

Moonstone - New beginnings, inner growth and strength.
Love the symbolism... and quite frankly I could do with all of the above.

Because we got married this time of year, in amongst Christmas and birthdays (there's a lot) our anniversary usually goes uncelebrated because we are usually overspent and exhausted.  This year we are celebrating 18 years and we decided to do something together as a family!  I love that we celebrate as a family!

While we were Christmas shopping, I came across this handmade ring with a moonstone - it was love at first sight.  Dig got it for me for this year.
And I'm not complaining.  I love it!

We decided that this year we were going to plan a day out... we slept in and drank coffee and chatted before we headed out to be tourists in our own city.  We headed over the mountain for a late breakfast and once again, took the girls to see the spot on the beach where we had our wedding, stopped for cake and coffee and just toured and went slow all day.  On the way home we picked up Indian cuisine.

Definitely my kind of day!!
When we chose to get married quietly on the beach like we did,
people said we would regret it - but every year we think about the way
we did it.  And every year we say how thankful we are that we
did it that way.  It was gentle, quiet and uncomplicated.

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