Thursday, 4 December 2014

She's no longer a baby...

It's time.
It's a good time.
She's beautiful and we are celebrating her!
She totally took my breath away on Saturday at her farewell dance!

 School is pretty much over for the year and I'm so grateful to say that Junior School is finally over.  I've survived 10 years of it. It's definitely been a journey.  Albeit wonderful, at times, challenging at others.  Certainly deep.  It's been full on and demanding.  We have done the work, we have put in the hours and we believe and hope that all the foundations are in place and we are all ready for the next phase - so ready!  Including this Kitty girl of mine!  Sometimes one just outgrows a thing... and I think we have all outgrown this one.

Totally adore this girl...

So I say it again - it's time!
Next year brings less traveling school time, it brings greater independence for all of us.  And it definitely brings in a greater level of maturity and responsibility for both our girls, to own their school, their education and their role at their High School.  And that's pretty damn exciting!  Kitty can't wait to feel that level of maturity.  Of course, we will be in the wings to help the adjustment period.  We just know how wonderful high school has been so far for Corks and we are ready to embrace the final 5 years of our kids schooling... it has been pretty awesome watching them grow into themselves and into beautiful young ladies.


  1. Oh gosh, she is beautiful! Congratulations and all the best for high school

    1. thank you so much Cat. It's been the best few weeks. <3