Sunday, 14 December 2014

All I can manage to say right now... in picture form

With Kitty leaving Junior School - I had many gifts to put together.
She asked me to do TeaBagGirls for all of them.
I stayed up late putting these together.

A new tradition... the girls who won't need their shoes for High School...
get to leave their shoes behind and they are donated to less fortunate school girls.
I love that other girls get to walk a journey in them too.
What a precious legacy.

Last moments on Farewell day!
After a teary farewell song and send off - all the grade 7's jump in the pool,
fully clothed, including their amazing teacher... it's a standing tradition.
The grade 7 send off brought tears to my eyes.

For as long as I can remember - we share a lunch together
to celebrate school being over for the year.  We celebrate the girl's reports.
Promotions to their new grades and just allow ourselves to unwind.

In case you were thinking we are always picture perfect.
Here is the truth behind the picture perfects.... much fun and shenanigans.
And much laughter.

New uniform time - dressing-room fun.


"peculiar little mommy".... what? hahaha.

Beautiful messages from my beautiful daughter
who is discovering how much fun time lapse video's are.
Love seeing her own creativity coming through.


  1. what a darling post. the love for your girls and their love for you shows through in everything you do...thank you for sharing! xo, kelly

    1. thank you my friend. I love being with them so much! <3