Friday, 26 December 2014

Chistmas eve, day and boxing day...

Christmas eve intimate snacks and togetherness.
It's a tradition that my family always did and all four of us children
have continued the tradition in our own families.
Sometimes people join us but otherwise, it's just us.
Either way it's something we adore and hold sacred.
Kitty kept us in stitches most the night.

Lunch... with Digz family
I love a traditional Christmas lunch with turkey
We have lamb and gammon too.  Even though in Cape Town, SA
a hot cooked lunch isn't ideal but I still love it!
No matter who we are with - I love this tradition.

I'm still not sure how I made it to Christmas - the lead up a complete blur.   Not only was Corks in day hospital on Monday but I also worked right until Christmas eve, right through the weekend leading up to Christmas and then some.  Still not sure how I got through the shopping, all on time.  I almost forgot that I had to take my family traditional pudding, Sago (a tradition from my grandmother).  I make it every year in remembrance of her and I wear her earrings (who knew I was so sentimental).  The girls would never forgive me if I forgot to make their Great Grandmother's Sago.  It's a real treat.  I thought I might sleep through Christmas, but I didn't.

We really had a quiet calm day.

Come boxing day... we were all go slow
So I headed into MyStudio to work on my TeaBagGirls - I'm way behind.
I managed to squeeze in another 10 or so... hoping to gain some ground the next few days.
I am doubtful I will make my target - but I'm releasing myself for now.

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