Saturday, 6 December 2014

#InMyStudio - working through the darkness...

This year I discovered new surfaces to paint on, new paintbrushes that has changed the way I paint and I have known for sometime, I need to dig deeper with my color palette and my knowledge of color and how to use it.
It's easy to get stuck.

Last night I got so frustrated with myself.
Corks came past and she asked me what's wrong and I told her my frustrations and she gave me some ideas to try.  So with nothing to loose - I just did it... and look at the result.  Wow.  I used green (which I never use) for my shadows and background.  And used the orangy red as my contrasting colors.  Corks has just done so much color management this year, including optically mixing etc.  She sat along side me while I did this and we have agreed for her to teach me color theory in the holidays.  It helps that I have an art student in the house.  I am sooooo grateful that she's being taught theory as well as the practical.  It's the big hole I have, being self taught!

Misty showed us some color and contrasting in Italy - but I found it so difficult to apply after I got home.  I know it's something I need to grow in.

I love that I can learn for my girl as much, if not more than she learns from me.

loadshedding blues... being off from 2.30-8.30pm


  1. Oh I am right there with you on the color theory frustration as I am self taught as well. I REALLY would benefit greatly from a class or classes. These paintings are simply beautiful as always.
    - Gretchen Neal

  2. LOVE this back and forth between you and your daughter. Thank you for sharing this. Lifts my heart.