Friday, 5 December 2014

My heart almost burst....

I got to drive this precious one to PrizeGiving on Friday, her final for Junior School and we were chatting all the way about getting awards and the fact that she knew she wasn't going to be getting any awards.  She spoke to me about her feelings around not being good at anything and being an average person.  Wow - the pressure these kids put on themselves to perform, to deliver and to be the best, in a way breaks my heart.  It breaks my heart because we know her extra-ordinariness.  She's such a brilliant person and there is nothing average or ordinary about her.  But by life's standards - she feels this.  And that's hard to change.  Getting to have such a profoundly deep, teachable conversation with her, is something I will treasure forever especially in light of how the rest of the day unfolded.  

I love the way life works sometimes...  

Kitty did end up getting an award, she got the Headmistress Award.  And the citation on this award, was perfect and so beautifully her.  The fact that she got it totally restored my heart.  That she, in her extra-ordinariness, her quirkiness and uniqueness, as we know her, was seen and valued for the most incredible human being that she is.  

I can't thank you enough, Greenies, our school may never know the depth of what this award has done for her heart and belief in herself and the depth of how that touched our hearts!

Kitty with some of her dearest friends
I absolutely loved seeing the girls shine and getting their awards and I loved seeing which girls got what.  Seeing some of Kitty's friends shine so brightly - blew my socks off. 


  1. Oh wow! Huge congratulations to her

  2. what a beautiful story, congratulations Kitty and you for being such an inspiring parent! xxx