Friday, 6 February 2015

This week at a glance...

I spent the whole weekend last, rearranging our house.
And my Studio.  I was upset in my last space because of the sun and heat.
It was an exhausting weekend.  It was like moving in all over again.
It took me a further whole week to get all the bits and bobs packed away and in place.
And my new little Studio is almost sorted... and I'm loving my new space.
This is the start of what it looks like!
No more overheating or freezing to death.
It's a quaint sweet room and I'm so grateful that I get to have my own studio room in my own house.  I've put a chair in there because I always get special visitors.

Soooo #1FaceaDay for February is a go.
I'm on target still just playing as I go.... I downloaded this phone app.
Stainglass your images - just a fun way to continue play.

Ahhhhhh I'm so blown away...
My precious friend Renee - send me my first birthday wish this week.
And painted this beautiful picture in honor of my birthday!
I love that and what a beautiful way to send a birthday message - I'm soooo touched by this gesture!  I love her pocketbook!  Thank you my friend!
That seriously touched my heart!

A #TeaBagGirl - Stainglassed

Seriously - this is how the girls went to school today.
I'm braiding all week through.  But 4 in one day!
Oh they are funny girls - they both went in like this with their bags on their back.
They totally looked like twins going into school today!
Made me laugh out loud!

In my sorting out - I found this image of my big girl!
Oh my word - it feels like the other day and now she's all woman.
She has always been a sweet little darling!
She's been a little under the weather with really low blood pressure and it's been making this momma stressed all week.  Trusting for improvement soon!

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