Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Art Entwined homework - let the journey continue...

Picasso Inspired Homework piece
I decided to combine my color homework (week2) with doing a piece by one of the Masters (week1).
I was particularly drawn to Picasso's pieces with the human form.
I found some others he's done too and love them.  And they all have a blueish color to them.
Which is without a doubt the color I'm most drawn to at the moment.
I feel a series coming on....

In week 2 of Art Entwined - Misty's focus is on color - something she did with us in Italy.
But by the time I got home I was really struggling with the concept and I felt fearful to practice it alone.  I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to apply it when I was working alone and without having Misty on close call.   To me, there is an art of mixing color.
I see my daughter do it without fear or anxiety.
Like it's something she's just known her whole life - but for me - it doesn't come so natural.
All my colors come ready mixed in a tube... spoiled right.
It's an area in my art I have been really wanting to work on and really understand.
And after months of avoiding these lessons - I feel I'm in the head space to go there.

I feel like I got a bit of understanding of tones and tints in this piece but I def feel I need to do more.
I loved doing this piece though, color aside.
Favorite part for me in the end - the hands and the bowl.
Totally in love!

18"x24" canvas board - Mixed Media Collage
At the end of week1 Misty demonstrates a Mixed Media Collage - I'm a huge fan of this kind of creative play.  I've been playing with the concept since I met Misty in Italy in 2012.  It's something I've grown in.  But to me they are my most expressive, fun and creative pieces.  Where in myself, I get to break the rules.... have fun and push my own boundaries.  And absolutely learn the concept of putting ideas down for potential paintings.

Highly recommend.

I can't wait to finish this piece and I will share the evolution.

But tonight.... it's back to finishing this piece and slowly ticking off my homework schedule and back to my color tutorials.  Have a beautiful day...


  1. I'm just blown over by your growth in art since 2012. You have managed to get to the "loose" stuff and stay there. These two pieces are so wonderful and I see the second one finished already. I love how you work on the "lessons" in class and wish I would do the same. Oh and yes the hands in the first is my favorite detail but the whole painting is so full of story, energy, and simplicity in such a good way. Thank you xo

    1. I can't thank you enough for your lovely message Sharon. Your encouraging words mean the world to me. Thank you! Not going for formal classes means the place I learn is definitely in the online lessons - I cherish them all. I've found it hard with my schedule the past year to get into class - but I've started claiming back time - because I'm so desperate to learn. And desperate to grow... The past few years have been such an incredible journey. I'm so grateful for it! ♥♥♥