Thursday, 3 March 2016

Clay play...

I did a bit of this this week.

We are all so busy in the throws of Filming Season so we all arrived late to class and a little stressed out, so creative play was soooo needed.  It's always so tempting to cancel when life is so full on and you are feeling the pressure.  I'm really thrilled with this piece, I used my own big round stamp for the center, I know they are tricksy to work with but I'm so thrilled with how that worked out.  On Monday I get our completed plates and we can't wait.  Plus Dale (our teacher) sent me home with a empty clay plate to play with this weekend - she wants me to experiment doing one of my faces... it will be interesting.

We are like ships passing in the night at the moment.... on my way out to class, I literally passed Digz and girls in our cars on the way.  We were talking on the phone together when we realized we would pass each other and when we actually saw each other - there was much squeals, laughing, waving and lights flashing.  The mini encounter totally made my day.  As did clay play.

Glad to I got home at an okay hour and I climbed into bed with my girls and we got to catch up on the daily news together.  I'm missing them terribly at the moment.

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  1. this is lovely
    wishing you more fun moments with loved ones