Saturday, 12 March 2016

Saturday Sunshine...

Spending a day in the vineyards..
Corks last provincial XCountry Race for the series.
And it was über uber hot but so lovely to be out.

There was a beautiful farm stall with great coffee,
fresh pomegranate juice, pomegranates and figs, freshly baked bread, honey on the tap.
I was in heaven.

Fresh figs and honey in my Momma's homemade sheep yoghurt.
Yummmm! Sunday mornings treat.

Super hot!
Heading into the 4th and final lap.
So glad I got to watch her ride today.

Finishing the series strong, with a podium finish.
So proud of her.  This series wasn't easy for her.
But after 4 events - objective was achieved...
Tougher experience, technical and skills growth.

Not to mention deep character building.  There was lots of tears.
And big time pushing through - so proud of her heart.

Waiting for prize giving = divine forced rest.

Kitty playing with SnapChat filters... funny bambi eyes filter.

I love it.  All in all a beautiful day.
We rushed home to shower and head straight out to watch Kitty's Play.

She was part of her schools Hairspray Production.
Life with busy teens... no one said it would be easy!

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