Monday, 21 March 2016

Standing on top of the mountain... looking down!

This mini hike was long overdue...
Spirits were high and expectant.

Choosing our path...
We know the teenage years can be tumultuous and can be a little revolting at times.
But it's days like this that I know everything will be okay!
And our teens are pretty damn fine!

I love this capture - you can see the view.  This is us at the top of our hike.
It was a 970m elevation and being a little unfit - I was worried.
But all n all - it was a brilliant hike up!

When we got to the top - the weather changed and the mist was rolling in and our visibility was diminishing-
 so we decided to head down the same way we came up.

Everything that goes up - must go down.
And it was steep going.  But I was cool.

And down...

So besotted with our fluffy friends...

Mission accomplished!
We got down and were thrilled... we are already planning the next one.
Kitty literally skipped up and down (no fair).
That's what happens when she has sugar.

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