Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter...

It's Easter Morning...

All alarms were off.  I never allow myself a sleep in, never mind a lie in.
Today was gloriously decadent.  Even our fur babies got cuddle time.
Everyone crammed into my bed and deep chatting until mid morning.
I was in heaven.   The girls each got an egg allowance and chose their own eggs.
Both were conservative and rather wanted to save some of their allowance.
I don't eat milk chocolate so it was a small Easter on the egg front.

The doggies were hopeful for chocie but they only got to lie next to them.

After we rose our bodies, we all headed to the kitchen to make breakfast together.
The deep convo continued, music blaring and much craziness was going down.
A simple but divine breakfast.  Hot Cross Buns, a firm tradition of ours.

Corks and I got into some serious Back Gammon.
We are equally competitive - it was awesome!
My fav game.

I rained all night and it's cold.  We even lit our first fires last night.
You can tell by our little pups that winter is on the way.
Riley is like me, he doesn't cope well in winter, he gets down right mizzy.
Kitty deep in some game playing with her fur buddies.

Love... what today is all about.
I got some Easter painting in today!

Today will definitely go down as one of my best Easters of all time.
These intensely quiet days we get to spend together are spectacular in their simplicity.
No agenda, no have to's but totally just want to's.

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