Friday, 4 March 2016

Little happenings this week....

In class...

Normal Onions                                       Red Onions

In class, Misty showed us how to make our own inks and dyes.
So this week I boiled onion skins and got these incredible colors.
Not trying to be funny but I thought the Red Onions would produce a red dye,
but it was more like a green yellow and the yellow onion gave that beautiful golden yellow.
Ooooo such fun!!

This weekend I'm trying some new recipes...
I'll keep you posted.

Ahhh my package arrived with Sweet Jackie.
And super quick.... just less than a week.  This is such good news.
It makes my heart so happy when my parcels arrive home.
I don't rest until they do... it's like waiting for my children to arrive at their destinations.
I know that sounds funny - but I travel with each and every one of them.

Our post office debacle has been over a year long saga - but with our new CEO in place and helping get itself out of the $91Million debt, it found itself in, due to mismanagement... for the first time in a long time, my hope is being restored.  Seriously... how do you mismanage to that degree.

Packages are being delivered on time for the first time in nearly 2 years and I'm actually receiving parcels again (not being able to receive packages was a horrible feeling that plagued me all year long, it made me feel very isolated and very cut off).

Last year I found pictures of a warehouse where parcels coming into the country were just being thrown in, never delivered or even stored properly - it was like a big hole.  And anything coming into the country disappeared right in the centre of it.  Heartbreaking stuff for small business who can't afford courier services and for families and friends sending parcels.

This week I finally found the courage to do this...
I have had a commission waiting for me to do since December.
4 TeaBagGirls - for me, sometimes the hardest part is just starting.
 I still have one to go - I made a time-lapse again.
It's awesome fun!  Will share soon.

As you know, I'm working through some of my last year #1FaceADay pieces and breathing new life and color into them.  I have a rescue pile.  I try rescue most of my pieces, before I throw them out.  Last year I got quite stuck on pretty neutral colors and I'm playing with some new colors this year.  I found the original photo of this piece and wanted to show you them side by side... so you can see the transition... quite different.

I love reworking old pieces.  I have quite a lot of unfinished pieces that lie around my studio, sometimes as long as a year, I keep them close and I look at them for some time and then something inspires me or encourages me to finish them... almost as though it's an under painting.  Sometimes I find it far less overwhelming than starting a brand new clean white canvas.

It's just one of my quirky things.

#60 of 1FaceADay 2016
I made a time-lapse video to celebrate the end of February.

It's a beautiful quiet Saturday morning and we are slowly slipping into autumn - I think it might be my favourite time of year, ever.  I love the cool damp mornings and then it warms up later.  It's the mornings I love most of all.  After a very hard working week (I have been working everyday for the past two weeks), I finally have some beautiful early morning calm and sacred quiet.

Kitty and I are going for a run in the forest and then a quick art shop pop in... and then home to my studio to finish this weeks lessons and work on some homework and pieces.

Happy weekend <3


  1. It is fun to see what colors happen from different thing. I remember being surprised when my mom made dye from onion skins and what not, colors I would have never thought.

    It was fun to see your time lapse film, to see how you create your lovely tiny art.

    Yes, your postal system sounds horrible. I am so glad it is coming together.

  2. i am loving catching up on your blog, such wonderful discoveries ;) glad you tried the red onion, i was banking on it for a nice red dye! xxx

  3. Oh and the video!!! love, love, love!