Saturday, 8 March 2014

7 Words 7 Sentences 7 Answers...

"Quiet... peace, tranquility. Turning down the volume" Khaled Hosseini, the Kite Runner

Half Painting / Half photo = Montage Homework 
It's a SelfPortrait I took and painted last year!

these icons and questions are From Misty's Class FullCircle

Hippy, happy, love laughing, sensitive and deep!

Saturdays.. Slow start, quiet, home, cappuccino's #InMyStudio

At home, with my most special people


Moonshine on Whiskey Creek, favorite holiday place

Better, happy, alittle sleepy, relaxed - it's Friday!

Beautiful, precious quiet day at home... Content!

Tired from hard week, but still grateful!

Quiet morning, home, coffee, studiotime, family togetherness


Again, I totally loved this homework assignment!  I am loving the iPhotography homework to bits!
And I'm ever challenged with the written work!
I only did two photo/paintings edits but would definitely like to do more of these!

Misty's examples are exquisite!
Not only is it challenging and growing your drawing skills
but Misty is forever challenging the creative and making it fun and interesting at the same time!
Love it!

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