Wednesday, 19 March 2014

#InMyStudio - Let the SunFlowr journey begin...

Part of me swerving my studio this weekend past was because I had the enormous task of 20 big sunflowrs waiting to be painted and it was completely overwhelming!  I definitely want to finish this piece so leaving it incomplete isn't an option at all!  I set no mini-goals last week after my marathon painting session on the floor.  But I kind of had 3 sunflowrs a day, in mind, which is manageable.  

Last night after we went to watch some beautiful live music at a small cafe up the road from us, I wasn't ready to go to bed, so when we got home I killed some time by starting this enormous task of the #20sunflowrs.
Well, actually there were originally 20 of them but I've narrowed it down to 17.5 - happy dance!
I worked on 3.5 last night and I'm feeling encouraged... I think I can do this!
And I think I'm going to actually love this final part of this journey!
I worked on some of the faces too - just more layers and still worked on some layout issues and blocking in the last wing.  I had to push back some things and pull forward other things to make the painting flow better!
I think I'm finally happy with the composition.

See the sunflowrs on the left girl... yay finished 3 of her 5!


  1. Oh the ladies are so pretty and your sunflowers look amazing. I love all the colors in each flower, even the petals have tons of color! Sunflowers are my favorite flower and they are the Kansas state flower here in USA.

    1. Dear Lisa - thank you so much! Wow I really didn't know that about the Kansas state flower - that's awesome. Well out of all 18 odd flowrs I have 4 left to do - so feeling pretty stoked! I am positive I will finish this piece tomorrow (hope so).

      Since starting this piece - all I am seeing is sunflowrs everywhere.

  2. hello! i just discovered you today while browsing on skin tones mixture. i wonder what medium do you use for the faces.

    am absolooodley loving your portraits :) really nice + pretty :)

    1. thank you so much - I am using Acrylic paints at the moment. But I do also use oil paints. Crayons or anything really. But mostly acrylics currently. Have fun on your discoveries.