Friday, 7 March 2014

#InMyStudio - Big Sunflowr Angel Painting!

1.8m long and 1.2m wide - this is a third of the canvas
Slowly making some progress...
I know I might be a little obsessive - but I've put this big canvas up against the wall in my bedroom.
So when I lie in bed - I study it!  I go to sleep studying it and wake up studying it!
I know it sounds crazy - but each morning, I'm waking up knowing exactly how to move forward!

I was immediately annoyed with my flat perfect faces so I grabbed my neo's and I started scribbling in shadows, depth and totally changed the hair!  I don't know what it is about the neo's that give me the courage to do that - but they are heavenly!  Once I had a better idea of the direction it was going - I added my paints!
I am loving the way the hair is happening - wispy and dreamy!
I love it when that happens - little happy mistakes!
When I drew up this piece quickly, in charcoal - my ovals were a bit long but I just left it.
So these faces are a little longer than the way I usually work but I'm really enjoying them!
I am so loving these two girls and my other two I know I'm going to love too but my middle one is challenging me!  So I am hoping we will find our way forward!

I'm working to a kind of schedule...
This week, I was to finish at least two faces - check!
Yesterday, I was to block in my background - check!
And this weekend I will finish my other 3 faces - hopefully!
I am not trying to be prescriptive or steal the joy of painting this piece because it isn't doing that!
I'm loving each new stage - but having mini goals is helping me finish this ginormous piece!
If I don't I'm afraid I will be too overwhelmed to ever finish!
So small attainable goals, is definitely helping!

More to follow...

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