Sunday, 9 March 2014

HappyMail from beautiful friends from across the world!

Wow I'm so blown away - this week, I received two happy mail parcels!
One from my lovely friend Alissa from Nebraska.  She's a beautiful artist and I've met her in some of my online courses.  She's bought some pieces from me and I've bought from her too and we have postcard exchanged.  She has a beautiful online presence and I am so grateful to have met her.  Alissa not only sent me a painting but a painting for Kitty too and Alissa's daughter also sent Kitty a little postcard painting!  Wow - we were both so blown away by this gesture!  Ems and Kitty are similar in age - maybe pen-pals in the making!  Sweet hey!

The other mail was a birthday pressie from my sweet online buddy Betty from Texas.  Betty and I first became friends on Instagram, can't remember how but she has been an encourager of my work since I opened my Instagram account.  My early stuff wasn't great but she was encouraging me all the way!  It was through her that I discovered Sharon Tomilson (who I later got to meet in real life).  Betty's work has always blown me away.  And we have exchanged art several times.  I'm so honored to have some Betty originals around my home!  What really touched me about this piece is that Betty did this piece esp. for me for my birthday... what further touched me is that she did this piece on newspaper and to the side of her face is the word "Wednesday" - because I was born on a Wednesday!  I love synchronicity like that!!  She's already framed up and #InMyStudio.

A few weeks back I received another incredible parcel from my friend Camilla from Sweden, also for my birthday.  Camilla's parcels are always full of delightful treats.  She always spoils me.  I love our friendship!  And this parcel was no different.  She hand-picked a beautiful necklace for me as my birthday gift!  I love Camilla's heart and generous spirit!  I wear my necklace almost everyday!

I have experienced generosity like this for the past 18 months since I started my online journey, from napkins to paintings to gifts - I'm always so moved by this kind of kindness!  I'm always so surprised.  Maybe because life takes unexpected turns and never in a million years would I have expected to find community like I have online... not only the support and encouragement all the way, but generosity and such kindness!!

Who knew that I would find this beautiful gift along the way!!!


  1. You deserve to be spoilt my friend

  2. What a wonderful community you have found! And I agree with Camilla! So good to see you in this quiet, creative space….although i would really like to see you in real life. Soon. ;-)