Saturday, 11 October 2014

#InMyStudio - being generous with myself...

I started this one just before I left for Italy!
She was sweet but I wanted to do some deeper layers.
When I was in Italy I watched how Misty and Anne worked with generous amounts of paint with flat brushes and I was intrigued.  When I left Italy, sweet Lorraine gave me my first flat brush.  I feel a bit embarrassed as to why I have never used one before... I guess we just get stuck in our ways!  Since I've been back, it's all I've been using...  And yesterday I popped to my Artshop to get some more... I'm smitten!!!

I think coming from an oil background and from a place where paint is at times challenging to get... I tend to be careful with it as opposed to allowing myself to be generous with myself and my paints.  But I am certainly learning to let go...

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