Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#InMyStudio - Having fun...

I have decided to join in with the 100faces challenge that was original started by Sharon Tomilson - her project that she finished was truly remarkable and her pieces ranged from big to small... (faces as small as coins).  For me, this will be a warm up for next year January - a few of us from Italy will be doing 365 faces next year (ideally 1 a day).  So I have until the end of the year to finish all 100.  Sweet Renee started this challenge when she got back from Italy and has started a revolution of 100faces again... I'm sure Sharon will love it.  I've decided to use teabags as my canvas of choice - they are perfectly 2"x2" and I will keep them loose for now and closer to the end I will decide how to assemble them - but I'm thinking it might make a pretty interesting piece - 100 teabags altogether.  I've also decided not to get too precious or attached to my image but keep the exercise light, quick, fun and easy... let's see how I go.

#1 of 100

I am starting to feel the freedom that has come with most of my work work up to date - it has already given me many more stolen moments #InMyStudio and that makes me one happy girl!  As a result - I'm having the best fun in there because I am not bogged down with guilt = more creative play!

Last night I had a small old canvas prepped and ready and managed to do this Jane Austen inspired piece.  I had a reference - which I will have to tell you looks nothing like this - but it was the root of my inspiration!  It was good to practice with a reference!

Not sure where we are going yet - but my underpainting is down over my textured background... and I seriously can't wait to get to her and see where she takes me.

Seriously I think we are finally finished... I know I've said that already.  And if I've done her once I've done her 100times.  I lost my way (again) this morning and I had to gesso her face out and start over... that being said - I'm loving her new look much more.

As for me - I have a few busy days ahead of me... so not much studio time install for the next few days... but my love tank is full for now!!


  1. you are complete inspiration, friend! i am so tempted to join you with 100 faces - it seems daunting but what an amazing challenge, focus, practice, and project once finished! if i can work a way to keep it loose, i just may talk myself into joining up with you. such beautiful work you are creating, brava!!

    1. Thank you so much - I think you should def talk yourself into this - we are having so much fun with it!!!! Come play! Thank you for your beautiful words!!! And I hope we can journey together through 100 faces. Hugs