Saturday, 18 October 2014

#InMyStudio - quiet beautiful day...

I had work work to do today but I couldn't connect via my remote server... so while I waited to be reconnected - I stole some moments #InMyStudio.
I'm so grateful for this quiet day at home!
I have been trying to sort out my new space... it's been so cluttered.
It's small but I'm so grateful for this sacred space.
It's starting to take shape... love how the light comes in.

So part of the de-cluttering has been about sorting out old paintings that haven't sold and needed to be torn up and thrown away, or reworked...

this one got reworked....
Originally my Intuitive Sunflowr painting from FullCircleWorkshop
I've called her - "Finding Shelter Beneath your Wings"

Capturing beautiful light #InMyStudio this morning.

I have been wanting to rework this old piece of mine for ages...
And I am so blown away how she turned out.
I am loving the this way of painting so much!
lots of wet paint and big brushes!

Then                                                                                          Now
"A Portrait of an Open-Hearted Girl"

Finding it hard to believe it's the same painting

So this is something I have definitely been wanting to grow in more this year and I have come across this new course starting close to the end of November.  It's just one week long and I think I can manage that... but it looks incredible and right up my alley!  It's by the incredibly talented Stephanie-Lee.  I'm getting her book for Christmas too.  Looking forward to both.  I will keep you posted on how I go.
I'm hoping to be fully caught up this weekend with my work work so then my life can normalize a bit as well as my structure.  I absolutely need it.  This week was off the charts busy (that doesn't even come close to really explaining it)...  We are all exhausted from a hard year... we need a holiday soon!

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