Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday news... in pictures...

So you have discovered I'm a gadget junkie.
But you must also know how much I love iphonography.
It's the only way I take pictures these days and with cellphone technology the way it is and with it's camera quality improving all the time - it's more than enough.  Esp with all the apps etc.  So I've been eyeing out lenses for my iphone for the longest time and I've finally found some...  I have 5 new lenses - I'm delighted!  Although I will only have it for a few months... as I see the new iPhone 6 in my near future.
Let the playing begin.

This week we celebrated my hubbies 10 year anniversary at work and we all went out to paint the town red...  A sunset cruise on the Tigger Two... dinner at The Grand.  Always lovely to play grown up and do things that we don't usually get to do!

Any reason to celebrate this guy - and I'm in!

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