Friday, 24 October 2014

#InMyStudio - 100Faces fun - 5 done 95 to go...

The vibe and excitement on Instagram about 100faces has been brilliant - everyone one jumping onboard - I love that when it happens... it's #onehundredfaces revolution.... and it's catchy!

I'm having the best time so far.  Painting on teabags and so tiny has it's challenges but all in all - I'm loving working this way!  What a joy!  The challenge is still to capture emotion and expression when painting so minute - well for me... that's the joy!  Each one I start - turns out completely differently than how I first imagined and I just adore that!  I'm letting each one lead the way... and so far I'm completely delighted and completely captivated.

She had me at Hello - #1

Delicate & Soft #2                                        Pearls of Wisdom - #3

Sincere and Tenderhearted - #4
She's stolen my heart wholeheartedly.
She feels emotional, tender and deep!
My fav so far!

Darling - #5


  1. i am so smitten with these! am seriously considering joining you - have so much other stuff going on and limited time right now but would so rather focus on this instead. :)

    1. hahaha - I'm in the same boat - but for some or other reason I'm smitten... I think I'm loving the size of it! But when I'm more on track and have momentum - I want to limit it to about 2 a day... I have to be finished by the end of December.