Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Finding my groove... well trying to.

I was probably a bit unsettled before I left but I've come home wanting to change everything.  And I needed to start with moving my studio out of the main living space and into a separate space.  It was overwhelming everything, including me.  This is now a sweet reading or dreaming space.  I find myself just wanting to sit there!
How gorgeous are those cushions.

I am starting to love my new studio space... I'm finding my groove in there and still sorting lots.  Its good to have a space!

I'm still so exhausted and I'm trying to find the quiet and calm in resting and things around me.  Truth be told I need a long holiday of sleeping and reading and long walks on the beach!
With no agenda.

Nothing like sweet ethnic comfie shoes to make you smile!

The tough thing about doing a long-haul 2 week long trip - is the preparation for your absence prior to leaving (workwise and homewise) is so huge that you leave having pushed to the max.  And then having a super duper full travel itinerary and then of course the travelling time both ways.  Also I didn't sleep well while I was away, I'm not sure if it was from the excitement or what it was, but it has lead me to complete fatigue.

 I arrived back on Sunday afternoon and it was business as usual come 6am Monday morning with school runs and life and work deadlines.  And of course, now there is the 2 week absence catch up!  And when I say I have no bounce back - I have zero left!  It's worried me a bit but when I sat down to think about it - I haven't had decent leave for almost 2 years.... and the past few years have been full on.  We need a get-away!

So exhausted or not I had obligations - which was a birthday bash for one of my dearest friends and a fund-raiser for another friend trying to get to the World Champs... besides that the girls needed me for certain things and I couldn't be "away"for another week.

So where I can I've tried my best to show up!

Stealing special gaps with these two!  And together as a family!
Took the girls clothes shopping and we found flowrs...
What's a girl with flowrsinherhair to do...
I love spending time with them and love that we can be goofy together!


  1. All five of you look just a like. And All beautiful. Did you know that?
    Love the pillows and how great that you have a studio space now. Take your time resting. Now is the time to sit and read the book that you have been wanting to read. And let yourself doze off when you feel it.
    When the time is right, you will feel all better and ready to start painting again. xo

    1. ahhh thank you my friend. Sometimes to allow myself to rest and read feels so luxurious.... it sounds so heavenly! I do have a small space but I'm happy to have it and I'm super grateful! I feel readish to paint again but I have left Italy knowing this... I have much work to do on myself. I know that it's all part of the journey! So I'm absolutely embracing it!

  2. ugh! the reentry is always so damn hard. xox

    1. I know right. This one feels worse that last time but I was working less last time so I had rest days... this one has been harder cos I haven't had that luxury!

  3. Enjoyed your photos from Italy so much. It sounds like you need a vacation after your vacation! But it LOOKS like you are handling all that comes at you with grace and beauty.

    Welcome back!

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! I've been a little annoyed by my exhaustion and why it got me so bad! Travelling and being in Italy felt more like a working holiday. The schedule is so full and the beautiful studio days are long into the night. Which of course, is heavenly! But it's not restful! I guess just different to this home schedule! Need the gap to do nothing... maybe it's giving yourself permission to do nothing! Right... I think that's what I need! I'm going through my pics now and sharing more of them as I go - too much beauty! <3