Saturday, 21 November 2015

A little visit... a little exhibition... a beautiful lasting memory!

I can't believe a year and a bit has passed since our trip to Italy!
And so much has happened during this time... the losses, the gains and the life in between.
It's been quite a journey... but seeing Anne {Annetoile} again was equally as memorable, as it was in Italy.  

I am completely fascinated by the depth of our conversations... We cut to the chase and dive right in.
Like no time has passed and I have to say, I love everything we talk about!
I come home thinking about it deeply for ages..
New food for thought, new ideas and new things to research and read!

We have been journeying together this year, {virtually} through #1FaceADay - 
{the idea that was birthed in Italy}... And little did we know or expect what we were in for.
And this week - I got to see her beautiful creations in person and up close in an exquisite exhibition.
Her first!  But hopefully many more to come.

The blue one in the middle, second row
Stole my heart!

I'm so blown away by Anne's courage, her joy and her expression of love for what she does!
The exhibition space was exquisite.  And the show was professional.
And the love and support she received on the night - Incredible.

I got to meet and hang with her local community!
I was reminded once again, how precious real community and deep connections are.
They aren't birthed overnight - but take months, if not years to nurture!

I've come home with a renewed inspiration!

Thank you Anne and friends - for being so kind and welcoming!
I felt so honored to be there in person.


I never find travelling easy esp. when I travel alone.
I carry with me a silent stress - I've been looking into why this affects me so deeply.
Either way... it does, so I have to self nurture a lot when I get home.
Some people love sneaking time away from family but I don't really.

I managed to find lchp/banting options all the way.  Happy girl!

I have struggled with fatigue since I got home.  Maybe a culmination of travelling alone,
stress around my accommodation and being out of my comfort zones.
But also late nights and this time of year in general - November and I are known "frienemies".
This year, I'm embracing the suck of it and hoping I will come out the other end in one piece.

As for this little old guy... 

Someone missed me and was happy to snuggle up when I got home.
He didn't leave me all afternoon.  If there is one thing I know about this little guy.
He knows I'm Momma...

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