Saturday, 7 November 2015

Journey back to the trails...

I have been taking a gentle and slow journey back to fitness.
I'm not going to lie - I'm unfit and the older I'm getting the journey back is a little harsher.
This hot and cold relationship I have with exercise has been a pattern the past 4 years.
Winter forces me into hiding and complete hibernation and the past few years have been getting worse.  But as I'm getting older, I feel getting so unfit isn't doing me any favours - so I'm feeling a little determined to keep it going even through those bitter months.

I'm going slowly.  Being realistic with my time restraints and schedule.
And trying not to be all or nothing - so if all I can do is walk... then that's enough.

But today - was beautiful.
Corks and I hit the trails and I'm happy to say I didn't fall today.
We had fun.  Stopped to take pics.  A brief lesson in the forest how to make a story in Snapchat.

And views to die for.

It rained this morning and the rivers were flowing - so I got to stop and drink mountain dew.
We always do the same route but today we added on an extra loop and it made me ridiculously happy.  It reminded me why I have loved running through the years.
We were raving...

I had to speed this up to make it look like I was running fast :-)
Coming out of the forest.


  1. I feel you darling. Same for me. And since we are living in tropical Darwin my exercise routine has dropped terribly! Oh dear...😘

    1. is that cos of the weather? I hope you too find your way back to exercise.