Monday, 9 November 2015

Clowning around for November...

November - 1FaceaDay is a go.

Sweet Annie Hamman sent me these tiny mini card canvas' as a gift, with a blue and red stabilo pencil.
I decided to use these three items for my November #1FaceaDay.
Just quick 5 minute little clown faces.  Nothing too serious or too attached.
And using a limited palette makes things more tricky but super fun!

She sent me 15 mini card canvas' - so when I get half way I'm going to flick them over and use the backs.  As my studio is completely overcrowded with my faces and I wanted to stick with this size card for November.
I'm thrilled November is turning out lighthearted and chilled.
It's our second last month and we are pushing hard to the end.
#314 done and #51 to go.


  1. ooooh!!! i am loving these little clowns!!! love the limited palette, gorgeous!!! homestretch buddy, well done!!

    1. Homestretch buddy - we are doing this... eeeeeck.