Friday, 6 November 2015


Love is...

Watching their love grow through the years has been so lovely for me to be part of.
It's every mothers' hope that their kids will get on well.
It hasn't always been easy - two completely different souls, worlds apart.
But as the years have passed - I've never met two girls who adore each other more.
Yes, they argue and tease and compete.

But I'm pleased to say it's got so much easier as they have got older.

Kitty thinks Corks is the most beautiful, most incredible person, most everything in the world.
And Kitty makes Corks laugh all the time.  I have noticed they have started sharing secrets together.
And Kitty is the most amazing person to talk to and I'm glad Corks is discovering that.
Each containing their own level of understanding and wisdom to help each other navigate these tumultuous teenage times.  And I love watching them speak truth into each other's lives when they need to.  I love seeing how open they are to each other's guidance.

They have taken it upon themselves to meet once a week at school for a date.
Just the two of them - they have lunch together and connect deeply.

They are aware that they have one year left together at school.
And time is passing quickly.

Long may their love grow and mature and always be best friends.

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