Monday, 23 November 2015

Weekend News... in pictures...

Almond Milk Cuppa

We had a go slow weekend and nothing makes me happier.
I had an exhausting week, so much sleep was the way it went.  No complaints from me.
I even slept in on Sunday - a luxury I don't often allow myself.  But it was delicious!
Just like my Almond Cuppa

Girlie Sushi Date

A firm tradition - when Digz is away.
Sushi and a sleep over with Momma.  I absolutely love these stolen moments.
Digz was doing the Double Century cycle event {200km in one day}
We have another Sushi date coming up.  In true November fashion, our schedule is full on.

Sunday Sweet Spoils - just because.

Life size portraiture

 Cork's final art prac finished and delivered.  She got her results for this final project today.
What an excellent way to end the year!

Kitty hasn't been keen to run with me this year but I'm delighted to say, she's had a change of heart.
 She has grown so much this year and is taller than both Courteney and me, her growth spurt made running, physically painful.  I'm pleased to say she's turned a corner and we had much fun on the trails yesterday.  I'm a happy girl because I'm always looking for a running buddy.

Almost finished.

Stolen moments of rest this weekend...
On the road and at home.  

Found this beautiful wall in Woodstock.
I love the artiness of Woodstock - we want to explore more.
{Secret messages}

My paintings have arrived safely at their destination.
Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing my pieces in their new home!

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  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend. Her artwork is stunning