Saturday, 21 November 2015

Going home...

This was the first little TeaBagGirl that I ever did.
She was actually a test run for the #100faces project.
I found and pulled out an old teabag that I had prepped 3 years ago and never used.
I had no idea that this test run would lead me into such a special venture.

She got singled out and framed the other day because of her being #1 and on such an old teabag.
But also because I discovered I had done an extra teabag out of the #50 I was framing up.

I am thrilled to say these pieces are heading to their new home this week.
I am so moved by this sale, not only because of who they are going to but because they are big pieces and the bigger the pieces, the harder they are to move.  It took me ages to put my Sleeping Angels into my shop because I was pretty attached to them.  It was my hope that they would go to a dear and special home.  I know that's not something I have control over.  But each piece carries a bit of me, sometimes more than others and I guess that makes this journey so deeply personal and that's always my hope... I can honestly say I have loved and valued every placing my pieces have found their way to.  It's always such an honor and it's pretty humbling.

I couldn't have chosen a better home for these pieces to go to.
I'm so blown away that these 3 pieces get to journey together.

So grateful and thank you!

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