Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dreamy Sleeping Beauties in night caps.

This piece was unfinished for the longest time... and it's been calling me to finish her.
There was something bothering me about it and I knew we had unfinished business.

I needed to do more layers of paint - I knew that.
I wanted to make the lace look more 3D and like it was lifting a bit.
The Momma cappie had to come in more, as it seemed too large and I needed to fix the bows.
The skin needed more tweaking and layers...

I wanted them to be serene and have a dreamy like state.
And I hope I've achieved that!

I really love this piece so much.... I'm feeling pretty attached to it.
I think I'm always attached to the MotherDaughterLove pieces I do.

They are in my Etsy shop and I pray they will find a beautiful home!
If I don't get to sell them on Etsy - she will be going to an Art Shop for display.
Pretty exciting stuff.


  1. Such a sweet and beautiful piece. Your art is inspiring and emotive. 🌟❤️

    1. Thank you my friend. That means the world to me. <3