Saturday, 14 November 2015

End of a season...

So this was Corks last race for this year.
She started riding this year and we had no idea the joy ride she was in for.
From getting her first mountain bike and kit, to winning her age category various times and to winning prize money too.
All of which she has saved for next year.

More delightfully, was her sweet friendship that has grown this year with her riding buddy Sas.
And their moments riding together with their Dads.  What a treat for both girls.
I'm so proud of both of them!

As for Corks and her ride today - she wanted to finish strong.
Keeping her training up at this time of year hasn't been easy, especially with her schedule but she was determined to finish strong.
And we are proud to say - she did just that.
She rode her heart out and she was raving.

But for now - she gets to finish up her exams... strong (hopefully).
And have a more fun on the trails these holidays than heavy training.

Well done girls!

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