Tuesday, 12 January 2016

#1FaceADay - Blessed is the TeaMaker

#1FaceADay.... the journey continues.

Ahhhhh I haven't had the courage to share this here yet.... but here goes.

I was so ready to finish this project at the end of December 2015.  And if you asked me prior to mid-December if I would consider continuing - I would have said "are you completely out of your mind".  I was more than ready to be done.  It was a mammoth undertaking.

However, I soooo enjoyed my December #1FaceADay - I didn't expect to totally fall in love with it all over again, right at the end.  I think it had something to do with the fact that I was doing December on TeaBags and I was loving it... as my December days started closing out, I started feeling quite emotional at the thought of giving up this sweet daily ritual.  I started entertaining the idea of quietly continuing just for myself... when Jackie Cate contacted me and asked if I would consider doing something with her to help her return to her studio.  I guess that message came in at the exact right time, when the seed was just being planted, enough to take root.  After much thought and reflection - the idea came about continuing except this time only on TeaBags.

For me, it would be for the {soul} purpose of having an exhibition all said and done, together with continuing the art of showing up daily.

I love the idea of doing my first exhibition solely with my beloved TeaBagGirls... 
That makes me so ridiculously happy!

Having a plan, a cohesive theme and size canvas has definitely changed the game for me.

You can find my separate Instagram page called TeaBagGirls_Flowrs and my separate blog page called TeaBagGirls if you want to journey with me.


Sooo what I didn't know... 
As the 1st January came around, the messages and tags started coming through of people who not only wanted to also try the #1FaceADay for #365Days but how many wonderful friends were keen to embark on the #TeaBagGirls journey.  Well, I just love that!

There are a bunch of us ladies journeying, encouraging and learning from each other.
What could be more perfect... finding community here... like sharing a cup of tea together.

"Blessed is the TeaMaker"

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