Friday, 29 January 2016

Life... Love... and everything else...

While Corks was climbing to the top of the mountain for her moonlight hike...
We came here for a sunset walk... This is what 7pm in Summer, Cape Town looks like.
Could this be anymore beautiful... same goes for my Kitty Girl!  I love spending time with her.

Tasting freedom... final push to the end of school.

Corks taking in the Sunset and the Moonrise over the City.
It was such a beautiful highlight in her life... she's having so much fun!
What a crazy beautiful evening in the City - She isn't called the Mother City for nothing.
Absolutely breathtaking.

Eeeeckkk - one more week to go to the {love} auction.
I'm nervous excited.  My inner critic is giving me a hard time.
I might close my eyes and open them on the other side of the auction.
But for now, it is what it is.  Hope you will come visit and bid along.

My little garden... 
The stars still call me out everyday and the flowrs - well I love them.

This happened... we got the pics.
Corks getting her colors with Cherie Vale (SA Champ).
What a delightful little thing that happened last year.
We are so happy for her.  How big is that smile.

Left - Supporting local artisans... a small handmade bag, plus I love blue and white..
Little happy birthday to me.

Right - Beautiful Nancy Holly sent me some of her beautiful work and some love.
(I'm so stoked by Nancy's goodness and beautiful work but that I also got mail... eeeeck.  Getting mail from beautiful artist friends makes me sooo happy.  Thank you Nancy.)
This totally made my week more beautiful!  #SoGrateful!

Oh my goodness - at last... my parcels have started arriving at their new homes.
And nothing makes my heart happier... thank you for waiting patiently for your packages. 
I know there are still some parcels in transit but I'm so hopeful for their arrival.

Today I drove over the mountain to book Corks for her temporary drivers licence.
Really exciting times ahead for all of us.

Big hugs and happy weekend.

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