Sunday, 3 January 2016

Beautiful Butterfly @ Moonshine on Whiskey Creek

The most remarkable thing to me about Beautiful Butterfly... is the incredible peace she carries.  And the beautiful memories she has held for us, through the years.  Besides this, the single most reason why I  absolutely love coming back here, is for the creatively handmade Gaudy designed shower {you know when you step into it - it takes you to another world} and the incredible stoep {veranda} where we practically lived for 2 weeks solid... we ate out here, played, napped, shared stories and was "just" out here.

I woke up early every single day and grabbed my cuppa, and then another and sat out here and just stared into space for hours.  Sometimes I read, but mostly, I just sat watching the Loeries that came to visit every morning.  Butterflies flittered in and out all day long.  On the cooler non-beach days I just sat here all day, reading, sleeping and resting.  Sometimes I sat here well into the night.

That star you see there - kept me mesmerised for hours.
Watching it twirl in the breeze lulled my soul into peace and quiet.

Are you serious... my happy place.
I know in my lifetime - I need a veranda and shower like this.
I thought I would paint much more than I did.
But I really didn't.  I only managed my 1FaceADay... it was more than enough.
I obviously needed the rest more than I realised. 
I didn't fight it - I just embraced it and napped when sleep overtook me.
Zoned out the rest of the time.  Played a lot with the girls.
Probably ate too much but all in all - it was good to allow myself to give into it.
A luxury I don't often afford myself.

Every time we visit - we have a competition who can capture the best shot of the Loerie,
with our cellphones and this year - the winner was Kitty!
They are really big birds.

Yup I really did sit here day in and day out = bliss.

And night...

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