Sunday, 24 January 2016

For the {love} of Flowrs...

Lying on my Studio Desk...

I think we are finished for now...
I wanted to keep the flowrs quite loose and free.
but at the same time keeping her face quite serene.

This is supposed to be my auction piece.  But I'm not sure yet.
It's not my usual way of working - to me it just feels a little back to front.
I don't usually like to create under pressure - I feel it robs me of much joy and spontaneity.

But I guess it's how we are supposed to grow and learn and mature in our art.
To lay down expectations and goals for ourselves and push through to reach them.

For now... we will see if this is auction material.
If it's not - then she's heading to my Esty shop or to be framed.
Either way - I really loved painting her.
I loved working loosely and finding much freedom with my brush.
It's my 2nd finished piece this year and that makes me ridiculously happy!

Can I just say - I am having so much fun #inmystudio space... 
from teabaggirls, to journal play and to finishing pieces... I'm one happy girl!

I filmed myself painting her on my very very make shift rig. 
I will see if there is any material worth keeping... documenting this process,
for no other reason than just for me.

Otherwise - Happy Sunday folks... I'm heading back into my Studio.
To work on another piece with buildings and hoping a beautiful story will emerge.


  1. She is just gorgeous Jeanne Marie!
    Enjoy your studio time