Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hi ho, hi ho... it's off to life we go...

Oh boy, I had a super busy week...

It started off with a mountain of washing from holiday.
Headed out to get the girl's stationery for the new school year.
And I was back in the office for a few days this week... never mind what was happening #inmystudio.

While I was away, my little shop was busy and I came home with much to ship off.
I also had to send off my auction pieces and #1FaceADay and TeaBagGirls... packaging up little parcels makes my heart so very happy.

For all of you that supported my little shop in 2015.

Thank you.  thank you.  thank you.

Corks helps me so much during this process, she helps me make boxes and is my extra pair of hands. I couldn't do it without her.  Plus she's learning as she goes.  I worked #inmystudio all week with her by my side.  Thanks my girl!

I received post this week.  Art swapping.
One locally from Annetolie and another from Galia in Australia.
Which is kind of good news... Galia said it took a really long time to arrive.

But how beautiful, right.  I have such gifted friends.
I hope your pieces arrive soon too.

This has just been released... I know it's going to be spectacular... yet again.
Happy New Year to us and thanks Misty.

This year I'm part of a round robin journal swap, together with Corks and other South African artists around the country.  Our journals had to be finished and on it's way by the 5th January.  But I was nowhere near ready.  Come Friday, the 8th I was still putting together my journal, let alone my spread and cover and intro pages.... yikes.... but I'm happy to say on Saturday morning my journal was on it's way to Anne.  Thank goodness we were both in the same boat.

I will share some of my work in my journal once she receives it.
As for my next journal to work in, Corks is almost ready to hand me her journal to work in.
So much easier that we live together. :-)

We survived our first week...

As you can see it has been a very busy creative, working week.

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  1. loving catching up on all your news! you are an amazing inspiration! thank you for sharing your journey with us!xxx